Able Policies

I built this site for a company that wanted to host their policies online. Before I built it, they was only a siingle physical policy binder located in each office and no way for remote staff to view them policies with ease.

Tech Stack

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How It Works

In order to have people who are not programmers add courses to the web app, I used a CMS named Contentful. Contentful is a Wordpress like framework where data can be stored. Whenever a user changes any data in Contentful, a web hook is sent to the Gitlab project causing the website to be rebuilt using GatsbyJS. GatsbyJS is a static site generator that can query any data source and build static html pages from it. Gatsby queries the new data from contentful and build the new/updated pages on the fly.

Printer Friendly Pages

All pages have a printer friendly option that gets rid of all extra css that isn't located in tbe body container.

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