Able Portal

The company I work for is a little scrambled with communication. I developed this website to be a quick and valuable resource for the people I work with. You log in and instantly hit with relevant information/statistics on your dashboard as well as being one click away from things such as our company calendar, directory and web resources. The portal also serves as a bridge to the learning system I developed for my company.

Tech Stack


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Real time announcement board that pushes notifications to all users whenever an announcement is posted.

Todo list

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The todo list is split between a personal todo list and a training todo list. The personal works just like any todo list does while the training todo queries a database to display what required training the user needs from Able University.


All routes and database collections are secured with the help of Auth0. Currently supporting authentication via ldap to the companies local Active Directory database. Multifactor auth is also enabled to add an extra level of security.

Interactive Tables

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The company needed a tool that allowed easy access as well real time editing of table data. Users can assign themselves to a workload on the table and edit their progress as they finish the workload. All other people viewing the table will see all changes done instantly. This tool helped increase work efficiency and communication across several departments.


Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 7.01.28 PM Sidebar that programatically adds routes. The sidebar has support for nesting


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Real time calendar that supports adding, editing and deleting events in real time. The calendar has built in drag and drop and duplicating events functionality.

Resource Tables

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