Edgemaul Legends

Tech Stack

  • Unreal Engine C++/Blueprints
  • Go used for server infrastructure
  • Agones for orchestrating game servers in Kubernetes clusters
  • Jenkins for CI/CD
  • Open Match for matchmaking
  • Azure Kubernetes used for hosting the game and matchmaking servers made in Go


Live site - coming May 1st, 2021 Check us out on Discord. Alpha coming out on steam July 1st, 2021


This page is used more as a technical breakdown of the project rather than a promotion of the game.

Edgemaul Legends is a game made in Unreal Engine 4 that seeks to mix two different genres of games into a new multiple experience. MOBA's have been a popular genre for several years now with little to no innovation on gameplay mechanics. Typical the mechanics on the champions change a little over the years and minor changes are made to maps to change the gameplay over time.

As more MOBA's come out, they all follow the same format using the same map, similar champions as well as keeping the same 5v5 gameplay. Edgemaul Legends looks to challenge the genre with some new gameplay mechanics as well as different levels of play(2v2, 3v3, 5v5).

Currently supports Windows and Mac. PS4/5, Xbox One/Series S/X and Switch coming soon


(617) 797-6926


86 Waterhill Street
Lynn, MA 01905
United States of America