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The Gravity Framework is an open source project that I've been helping develop for the last few months. The goal of the framework is to give people an easy to use and well documented framework that will allow them to put up a web server in minutes.

What makes this project so special to me is that we developed it to be modular, meaning developers can chose exactly what they want to use and not be hindered with extra bloat in their code.

We also set Gravity up in a way that allows us to use it as a teaching tool for new developers.


  • Administrator Interface
  • AJAX support
  • WebSocket support
  • Full Docker Container Implementation
  • Server-Side Templating with Jinga2
  • Client Side Rendering
  • File Upload over HTTP POST
  • User Login and Administrator Management
  • JSON Web Token Support
  • JSON Application Programmer Interface (API)
  • Complete Offline Support Framework
  • Stripe Integration


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